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Important Medical Documents

Let the professionals at The Language Link of Connecticut translate your important medical documents. We are located in Hartford, Connecticut, and translate a variety of medical documents for clients.

General Medical Translation Services

Hospitals and health care facilities trust us to provide accurately translated information to the community about new hospital services. They choose us when they want to confidently provide public health notices, patient education materials, and patient and visitor information in other languages.
Documents - Medical Documents

These situations call for a translation which does not need to be certified, but should still be performed by a "medical" translator. These documents may contain lingo and jargon specific to the medical profession which are not in every translator’s vocabulary. The ability to differentiate which lay terms equal which technical word can affect proper usage and understanding. For accurate translations that are going to be published, contact our project coordinators for scheduling and typesetting solutions.

Certified Translations for Clinical Research

The Language Link of Connecticut offers foreign language translations to help clinical research organizations provide their non-English speaking study subjects with the same high-quality information that their English-speaking subjects receive. Our translations of research and manuals for drugs and medical devices are performed quickly and professionally.

Blending translators with medical and technical backgrounds allow us to provide translations for all types of medical applications and fields, from informed consent forms and patents on medical devices to study reports and operating manuals for medical equipment. Let our customer service and professional translators take the "translation" out of your project. We help health care facilities translate:

• Pamphlets to Educate Local Communities
  about Important Health Issues
• Preventative Medicine,
  Specializing in Women’s Health
• New Services or Programs
• Birth to Three Programs
• Flyers
• Brochures



Our specialists translate protocols and instruments required by Institutional Review Boards. Each of our translators is a trained professional with a medical degree and practical experience. You will find the translated documents to be well written, accurate, and easy to understand.



Stay on schedule. A typical 10 page, informed consent form can be ready in five business days. If a back translation is required, an additional three to five business days may be necessary. Contact our project coordinators to receive scheduling specifics for the language you require.

Obtain a Quote

Email your document or contact us by phone for a quote, send us approval to start, and receive your translation in a few short days via email.


Additional documents we assist with include:
• Clinical Trials (Drugs or Devices)
• Documents for Insurance Claims
• Case Report Forms (CRFs)
• Government-Sponsored Studies
• Clinical Trial Reports
• Informed Consent Forms
• Patient Information Sheets


Service You Can Trust

If you are a clinical research coordinator, investigator, or research assistant and need your materials translated for an IRB, let us help. Join the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinical researchers, manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, biotech companies, and health care managers that have come to rely on The Language Link of Connecticut to translate their most sensitive documents. Our medical translating specialists also translate patient records, prescriptions, and lab reports for insurance claims departments.

Contact us to learn more about our translation services for medical documents.