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Convenient Back Translations

The Language Link of Connecticut, located in Hartford, Connecticut, specializes in back translations for all types of documents. Request a back translation from us today for your needs.

Certified Back Translations

Back translations are often required by an IRB when translating ICF's to ensure the initial translation is accurate. It involves the following three steps:

• Step One: Translation from language A to language B (for example, medical English to Spanish translation).
• Step Two: Translation from language B back to language A (performed by someone who is not familiar with
  the source document from step one).
• Step Three: A comparison of the initial document (from step one) and the back translated document
  (from step two). The two will not be identical. However, the differences should be limited to synonyms and actual
  expressions, with the reader obtaining the same information from each document.

Please Note

If the translation resulting from step two is missing information or deviates from the source document, it must be determined if the problem stems from the translation to language B in step one or from the back translated document. If it is in the translation to language B, then a correction is necessary and the back translation has performed its duty.
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Request a Translation

If you have a document that may require a medical translator, feel free to contact us. Our rates are very competitive.

• Step One: Fax your document to (425) 988-7688 or email languagelink@cox.net.
• Step Two: Include your name and a daytime phone number so we can contact you during the day.
• Step Three: We will call you with a quote.
• Step Four: Secure online payments are available through www.paypal.com. We will email you the link to our account.
• Step Five: Payment with money order/certified bank check is also available.
• Step Six: Two certified translations will be delivered to you by regular US mail. Typical turnaround time is two business days after receiving your payment.
  Overnight or express mail is available at an additional fee. No translation will be done until payment is received.

Contact us to request more information about our back translations for medical documents.